Evolution of LOVING 2

Evolution of Loving is a powerful testimonial to the profound courage and power that arises in the vulnerability of human love and intimacy. With its beautiful images and the humbling stories of human love, this book opens the doors of our own hearts and beckons us to move beyond fear and into the deep waters of trust that heal the soul, and which can only be found in making ourselves truly transparent and vulnerable.

– Sonia Choquette, Bestselling Author, The Answer is Simple


With consummate spiritual sensitivity, connectivity, inspired creativity and eloquence, Carl Studna has captured the deepest intimacies of the eight couples in Evolution of Loving, evidencing the tender healing and evolutionary qualities of Love’s divine essence.

– Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author of Spiritual Liberation



“Carl Studna and Cynthia James have assembled a wealth of powerful insights, practices and photographs that support evolution, providing couples with what they need to grow in harmony with, rather than in opposition to, the ideal relationship that both desire.”

– John Gray, Bestselling Author, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus



“Carl Studna presents an intimate portrait of eight healthy, committed, evolving couples, and Cynthia James distills the secrets to their fulfillment into easy-to-implement principles and practices. A must-read for any couple wanting to restore or deepen the intimacy in their relationship.”

– Marci Shimoff, Bestselling Author, Happy for No Reason

Depicting the in-depth, devotional love of eight couples, ranging in age, ethnicity, sexual preference and length of time together. Intimate, sepia toned photographs reflect each couple’s rich tenderness, passion and trust while their in-depth text paints a picture of their unique relationship and how they’ve continued to anchor deeper trust and grow, individually and as a couple over time and through life’s ever-changing landscape.  At the book’s conclusion, author and coach Cynthia James offers a hands on tools and practices section that synthesizes the couple’s successful practices for building and maintaining a conscious relationship while adding some of her own that have proved worthy over the test of time.




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“Carl Studna has written a brilliant book about how to be fully present and fully self-loving in each moment of our lives. I highly recommend this unique and wonderful book to everyone who desires to live a fully inspired, deeply impassioned and purposeful life.” ~ Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul stories

“Carl Studna’s prose and exquisite photography embody his deep commitment to life itself. One look at his stunning photos motivates the reader to know more and to savor the stories that accompany the visuals. CLICK! asks profound questions and reminds us that we truly are the light, affirming the new life stories – like new photographs – are always possible. I highly recommend this luminous, heartfelt book, which returns us to joy and deeply honors the journey of being human.” ~Lynne Twist, author, The Soul of Money, president of the Soul of Money Institute and co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance

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“Carl Studna has the unique gift of seeing the wisdom, light and truth in his photo subjects, and he uses the camera as a vehicle for reflecting back life’s goodness and love. You’ll find CLICK! most engaging and valuable as it serves in freeing you from a lifetime of self-limiting choices, and guides you in living a life steeped in love and full expression.” ~ Joan Borysenko, PhD, author and leading expert on stress, spirituality and the mind/body connection

“Carl Studna is one of the great talents of our time, able to capture the soul’s essence in the blink of an eye. In CLICK! Choosing Love…One Frame at a Time, Carl pours a lifetime of brilliance into one beautiful and inspired book, allowing us a special glimpse into the heart and mind of the man behind the camera lens.” ~ Katherine Woodward Thomas, founder and co-director, CallingintheOne.net